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地板上散佈著濃烈的黑巧克力色,彰顯了巧克力的獨特功能。 啞光漆可軟化刷塗過程中暴露的天然木材結構。 板的邊緣經過四邊斜切處理,使其更加纖細。
Floor suffused with the intense color of dark chocolate that highlights its unique features. The matt lacquer softens the natural wood structure exposed in the brushing process. The edges of the boards have been accentuated by 4-sided bevelling to make them more slender. _________________________________________________________________________________


Specification 詳細規格

表面處理: 平光塗層 板材圖案: 一板一條
接合方式: 5GC 硬度 [kg/mm2]: 3.70
刷紋處理: 寬度 [MM]: 180
邊緣倒角: 長度 [MM]: 2200
地暖設備: 適用 厚度 [MM]: 14
木皮染色: 保固年限: 25
木節紋路: 極多 木皮種類: 橡木