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斯堪的納維亞風格的時尚佈置。 壁爐使室內溫暖,簡單的家具和配件數量增加了寬敞的印象。 EXCITE橡木地板在內飾中起主導作用,其獨特的圖案決定了房間的氛圍。
An exceptionally stylish arrangement in a Scandinavian style. The fireplace warms the interior, and the minimal amount of furniture and accessories with simple forms intensifies the impression of spaciousness. The leading role in the interior is played by the EXCITE oak floor, whose distinct pattern determines the atmosphere of the room. _______________________________________________________________________________


Specification 詳細規格

表面處理: 天然植物油 板材圖案: 一板一條
接合方式: 5GC 硬度 [kg/mm2]: 3.70
刷紋處理: 寬度 [MM]: 207
邊緣倒角: 長度 [MM]: 2200
地暖設備: 適用 厚度 [MM]: 14
木皮染色: 保固年限: 30
木節紋路: 極多 木皮種類: 橡木