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橡木地板,以城市灰色調創新地著色,邊緣清晰可見。 木材的自然美通過刷塗得以體現,地板採用啞光漆處理,以減輕這種影響。 天然木材裝飾精美。
An oak floor, innovatively coloured in urban grey shades with highly visible, bevelled edges. The natural beauty of the wood has been brought out by brushing and the floor has been finished in matt lacquer to subdue this effect. Subtly decorated by natural wood features. _________________________________________________________________________________

Specification 詳細規格

塗層: 馬特漆 圖案: 1-條
標題聯合: 5GC 硬度 [KG/MM2]: 3.70
刷木型: 寬度 [MM]: 180
斜邊: 長度 [MM]: 2200
熱地系統: 適當 厚度 [MM]: 14
染色: 保證 [年]: 25
木材特點: 很多 木材種類: 橡木

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