We make the Barlinek flooring and skirting  boards from the purest part of the log.宝林纳三层实木复合地板以及配套的踢脚线都是由


Warm in touch 触感温润

100% wood

Flooring is made of 100% real wood of the highest quality. We use 100% of this precious material. The sawdust remaining after production is used to make heating pellets and fireplace briquette. We are doing out best to be eco friendly.

100%实木制成 宝林纳地板100% 由高品质 的实木材料制成;100%充 分利用珍贵的原木材料-- 锯木屑制成生物燃料或生 物肥料。

Stable 結構穩定

The thickness of each layer of the Barlinek flooring is not accidental. It is the result of many years of experience, hundreds of hours of research and tests of the natural wood properties. Our expert knowledge has enabled us to develop a floor with an ideal construction to reduce the natural tensions of the material.
地板各层木料的厚度都是研 究室对木材特性经过多年、 数千个小时的严格试验得出 的结果。专业的知识技能使 我们能研发出理想的地板结 构,能有效限制天然原木的 自然伸缩运动。

Underfloor heating 支持地暖鋪設

Not every wooden floor is suitable for underfloor heating. Thanks to its layered structure, the Barlinek flooring perfectly conducts heat and can be successfully applied on both electric and water underfloor heating.
不是所有的实木地板都能铺 装地热。多层的地板结构 使得宝林纳地板具备良好的 导热性能,不仅适用于电力 加热系统还适合水暖地热的 铺设。

Resistant to humidity changes 有效抵抗湿度的变化

The cross construction of the Barlinek flooring is resistant to the changes in the air humidity. There is no need to worry about your floor even in rainy days, when the air becomes very humid, or during the winter – when the air is dried by heating.

克服自然力 宝林纳地板的交叉结构能有效 应对空气湿度的变化,因此, 即使在阴雨连绵空气湿度过 高,或是在寒冬,空气被加热 干燥的时候,您也无需担心自 己的地板。